Well, with just two weekends of recordings and performances left, at long last, the 2011-2012 season is FINALLY winding down.

I can’t thank our loyal and immensely talented clients enough for such a great season!

I’ve been saying for a while now that the Arts in the region appears to be bouncing back from the bad times of ’07 thru ’10, and here’s some good news to back it up, from the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance:   http://articles.philly.com/2012-05-24/news/31839435_1_organizations-survey-cultural-groups

Kudos to everyone for almost literally lifting the Arts up by your own bootstraps and making so much exciting and enriching music happen all over the tri-state area.

It would take too long to list everyone that’s put up another great season, but in no particular order, here’s a few season highlights for us from 2011-2012:

Weston Sound & Video enters into a partnership with Specticast to produce full-length HD in-concert videos of the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia for national and international release.  Monthly radio Chamber Orchestra broadcasts on WRTI continue, and watch for a very exciting bit of news in the fall from NAXOS records and the Chamber Orchestra.

Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia’s new CD “Metamorphosis” featuring the premiere of three major works by Jennifer Higdon, Andrea Clearfield, and James Primosch.  The CD quickly became the #1 CD of the week on WQXR in NYC.  Read all about it here: http://www.mcchorus.org/wp/archives/1267  and here:


In April, Mendelssohn Club sponsored  yet another world premier; Andrea Clearfield’s “Tse Go La”.  Watch the  promotional video clips we produced here:





In October 2011, the Bucks County Choral Society, directed by Tom Lloyd presented “A Program of Sacred Jazz for Chorus”   including two world-premiere works by Jay Fluellen: Of Journeys and Refuge  and Carl Maultsby’s Praise – A Sacred Jazz “Te Deum”.

Also this April with the Haverford Bryn Mawr Chorale,  Dr. Lloyd presented Kurt Weill’s  THE ETERNAL ROAD (Der Weg der Verheißung) The first performance of a Concert Version of the Biblical Drama.

The Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra finishes its third season with an exciting 2 hr broadcast on WRTI, June 3rd at 5 p.m., with highlights from this past season and more.

In the world of opera, the Academy of Vocal Arts continues to mentor tomorrow’s stars, and mounts professional, world-class staged operas, concert opera, oratorios and competitions with HD Video and audio, while our favorite Baltimore ensemble – Baltimore Concert Opera –  has also just finished a triumphant 2012 season, closing out its third season with Puccini’s “Il Trittico”.

For World Music, Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture – completes their first concert season at the Trinity Center for Urban Life, and are preparing another season in 2012-2013 of more Arabic and Middle-Eastern Classical Music.  You can see more videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/AlBustanSeeds

So many more successful groups had a great year with recordings, performances and broadcasts;  Singing City, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church,  Chester Children’s Chorus,  Philadelphia Master Chorale, The Pennsylvania Youth Chorale, Longwood Gardens, and Woodmere Art Museum, to name just a few.

After the series finale for Kimmel Center Present’s Jazz UpClose and Keyboard Conversations – “Kimmel Center Presents” is finishing up the 2012 season with the all-day Pipe-Organ Marathon on the Fred J. Cooper Memorial Organ in Verizon Hall on June 9th.  You can hear excerpts from these performances throughout the summer and into the fall on Sunday afternoons (TBA) on WRTI, 90.1  FM.

Bravo to all!

Now, as if that wasn’t enough, and in case you thought we were taking it easy….the REAL fun begins on June 11th, when we depart for two weeks in Fayetteville Arkansas:  ARTOSPHERE 2012!   You can read all about it here for now:  http://www.artospherefestival.org/afo/ and once we’re on the road, we’re planning on blogging, posting pictures and info on Facebook and anything else we have time for, as we produce HD audio and video recordings of the Artosphere Festival Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Corrado Rovaris, and Chamber Music events, led by Curtis President/featured viola soloist Roberto Diaz.

Here’s a video from last year’s opening concert; wait till you see what happens THIS year!


So, all that said; thanks again to everyone for a great season.

It’s almost time to hit the road!



Ok, well, here we go….I finally decided to start a blog.   And the big question on everyone’s mind, I’m sure, is:  “WHO CARES?”     (I agree, but if you can’t beat ’em, blog ’em, I guess….)

I have no intention of ever twittering (I repeat: who would care?!??),  Facebook seems incredibly stupid and tedious (What IS this “so-and-so-wrote-on-your-wall” wall stuff?  Snowball throwing? IMs?  Who’s got time for this??  Doesn’t anyone remember AOL in the 90s the FIRST time this stuff was trendy?)

In any case, I’ve come to the grudging conclusion that this is a good place to put opinions not quite fit for professional publications like MIX (where I do occasional product reviews) or on my official Website of “WestonSound.com”.    Some things are better said in blogs, as I’m finding out, and if the occasional cyber-passerby finds these and thinks they’re helpful or have a good point, then it’s a good thing.   Some folks close to me think I should have done this a long time ago (instead of pounded their ears with this stuff directly, but that’s another story for another time…)

Most of my posts will be about music, audio, and life’s strange twists and turns as I come to terms with the digital age.  I am always thinking about how those of us who have a foot in both worlds (Analog and Digital) deal with it all.  I hope to make you think, laugh or just help process it along with me.

So, off we go, good peoples, and let the ramblings begin!   As always, your mileage may vary, responsible comments invited, and please stop back in once in a while for updates.

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